Friday, 30th Dec19:30 CET
12:30 CST
00:00 IST

Thinking with Markov Blankets for Dummies by Dummies (Rishi and Noah)

Friday, 30th Dec13:00 CET
06:00 CST
17:30 IST

Shining a Light on our Dreams

A workshop on dreams and practice for magickal introspection by Ximena

Friday, 30th Dec16:00 CET
09:00 CST
20:30 IST

Realizing the PermaCult, Human Systems and Social DNA

A conversation on stewarding the complexity of life by Roberto & Jillian at Liminal Village

Friday, 30th Dec19:00 CET
12:00 CST
23:30 IST

Symbols of Ultimate Reality for Generative Dialectics (6 Laws of 3)

Convening and Dancing with Biblically Accurate Angels by Josh & Noah

Friday, 30th Dec20:30 CET
13:30 CST
01:00 IST

Generative Engagement: Tools & Practices

A relational and cross boundary approach to our development and sustainability by Thom and Maija

Friday, 30th Dec21:00 CET
14:00 CST
01:30 IST

Tales from the Bonfire

A recollection and reflection of the journey at Bonfire and how to build ships that unsteward and uncollectively unsteer

Tuesday, 27th Dec12:00 CET
05:00 CST
16:30 IST

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