INTERSECT at Chaos Communication Congress

30th December 2021

INTERSECT is an intentional assembly, an ancient tradition, a crossroads where humans stop and gather to reflect before continuing their journey in life. It is said that these humans come to INTERSECT moved by a desire to hack their worldviews and challenge their most cherished beliefs. It is also said that they leave from INTERSECT transformed from each other's perspectives and walking towards shared futures worth materializing. Rumour has it that in the present they conspire to make those futures past, as they harness the power of technology and religion. They cometh not alone. Join them in this exercise of speculative realism at CCC.

Wait, but what's going on?
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Chaos Communication Congress

The Internet is an interconnected physical structure

The Chaos Communication Congress is an annual hacker conference and festival. During four days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, around 20 thousand hackers, technology freaks, artists, and utopians get together to communicate, learn from each other, and party together. CCC focuses on a wide range of topics related to digital security and privacy: civil disobedience, climate change, art, human relations, open hardware, social change and more; in a nutshell, it aims to foster creative, skeptical discourse on the interaction between technology and society.

The event is entirely volunteer-driven, guided by an ethos that builds on DIY and hackerspace culture. Every participant is invited to share their knowledge and interests, learn from others, propose activities, work on projects, and in general contribute to the experience of the Congress.

This year's CCC is not organized centrally, but let's still make it a decentralized a chaos experience with remote events like Intersect.


Here come the engines of Chaos

A fundamental unit of organisation of CCC is the assembly: a group of people sharing ideas or a common project. Assemblies are usually allocated a physical space, where people can hang out, hold discussions, self-organise workshops, lectures and other activities. There are dozens. INTERSECT is one more.

The contribution of INTERSECT to the Congress is a series of talks, conversations, workshops as well as live music shows. The assembly explores bottom-up collaboration, community-building and the narratives that make communities coherent. It also explores modern tools for cooperation, such as decentralized infrastructure and cryptoeconomics, as well as ancient ones, such as mysticism and the dialectic method, i.e. cooperative argumentative dialogue. The ultimate vision is to create a serious playground for weaving stories of possible futures in times of apocalypse.

Program: Friday 30th

Tuesday, 27th Dec12:00 CET
05:00 CST
16:30 IST

Let's co-create Intersect 2022 together

What is alive in you? Add your intent for 2022 edition

Friday, 30th Dec13:00 CET
06:00 CST
17:30 IST

Shining a Light on our Dreams

A workshop on dreams and practice for magickal introspection by Ximena

Friday, 30th Dec14:00 CET
07:00 CST
18:30 IST

Seeding strategy for novel organizations grounded in experience at Open Collective by Ronen

Friday, 30th Dec16:00 CET
09:00 CST
20:30 IST

Realizing the PermaCult, Human Systems and Social DNA

A conversation on stewarding the complexity of life by Roberto & Jillian at Liminal Village

Friday, 30th Dec19:00 CET
12:00 CST
23:30 IST

Symbols of Ultimate Reality for Generative Dialectics (6 Laws of 3)

Convening and Dancing with Biblically Accurate Angels by Josh & Noah

Friday, 30th Dec19:30 CET
12:30 CST
00:00 IST

Thinking with Markov Blankets for Dummies by Dummies (Rishi and Noah)

Friday, 30th Dec20:30 CET
13:30 CST
01:00 IST

Generative Engagement: Tools & Practices

A relational and cross boundary approach to our development and sustainability by Thom and Maija

Friday, 30th Dec21:00 CET
14:00 CST
01:30 IST

Tales from the Bonfire

A recollection and reflection of the journey at Bonfire and how to build ships that unsteward and uncollectively unsteer

Self-organized stage

A game of artful participation where no one and everyone is the author.

This type of session has no agenda and takes place in multiple channels simultaneously. It's coordinated by participants abiding by the "law of two feet". Go wherever you feel like going! If you feel lost, perhaps you might seek somebody. If you can't find a space, create one!

Purpose. Creating safe spaces for human connection and exploration. Getting to know each other. Meeting old and new friends. Sparking curiosity. Questioning. Exploring.

Open themes. The topics are non-prescribed. Anyone can get involved in ways of their own choosing. This is a participatory meeting of hands, heads, and hearts in an open space to build collective capacity, embrace diversity, and manifest our resonant potential. Play the way you feel it!

Dynamic channels. Gather in small groups based on shared purpose and interest. Channels can easily be created on Discord. As conversations drift and topics change, rename them by right-clicking and selecting "Edit Channel". This is a very easy way to signal to others what is going on.

Format guided by open space principles. Whoever comes is the right people. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. When it starts it's the right time. When it’s over it’s over.

Hand signals

Noise and signal get easily muddled in digital space. Hand signals can be used to keep communication clear and to prune unnecessary conversation. Use them to help everyone be heard, rescue someone from going to deep into a rabbit hole or redirect discussions when they go off-topic. We all share the responsibility to keep healthy dialogue in self-organized rooms!

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Got it, thanks!

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Let's move on, please!

I still have questions

Where is the INTERSECT assembly happening?

Where are the channels on Discord?

The channels are on the left-hand side under the INTERSECT category. The stage voice channel is only accessible to speakers. The dialogue voice channel is accessible by anyone. Anyone can create additional channels under the INTERSECT category. Voice channels have a loudspeaker icon and display participants in them.

Where can I find the assembly in the remote chaos experience?

This year the rc3 is not hosting a centralized event, so you can find us on Discord server.